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Utah Anorexics

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(no subject) [Jul. 30th, 2010|02:23 pm]
Utah Anorexics

This community seems a little dead.
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Newbie.... [Apr. 20th, 2008|10:36 am]
Utah Anorexics

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[Current Music |Pressue by Paramore]

Hey guys, I just joined this community. Here's a bit about me:

Age 21
had ana in highschool, recovered, now I'm back into it
love to read/write/go to movies
love searching for thinspo...fav girls right now are Mary Kate and Lindsay Lohan...

I'm trying to keep it at 500 cals a day

that's all for now, I guess. Hope every body is having a good day

think thin lovies
<3 <3 <3

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Today in RaiN [Apr. 1st, 2008|08:34 pm]
Utah Anorexics
57 Reasons
01. You will be FAT if you eat today, just put it off one more day.

02. You don't NEED food.

03. Fat people can't fit everywhere.

04. Guys will be able to pick you up without struggling.

05. You'll be able to run faster without all that extra weight holding you back.

06. People will remember you as "the beautiful thin one".

07. If someone has to describe you, they'll say "oh she weighs like 90, 100 lbs".

08. Guys will want to get to know you, not laugh at you and walk away.

09. Starving is an example of excellent willpower.

10. You will be able to see your beautiful, beautiful bones.

11. Bones are clean and pure. Fat is dirty and hangs on your bones like a parasite.

12. If you eat then you'll look like those disgusting, fat, ghetto and trailer-trash hookers on Jerry Springer.

13. The models that everyone claims are beautiful, the spitting image of perfection, are any of them fat? NO!

14. Too many people in the world are obese.

15. People who eat are selfish and unrealistic.

16. Only fat people are attracted to fat people. Do you want pigs to like you because you are one of them.

17. Anyone can have "inner beauty" but few can earn real beauty, inside as well as out.

18. You'll be able to move as quietly and skillfully as a spider.

19. Only thin people are graceful.

20. If you slap a fat person you can see a shockwave ripple over their skin. That's disgusting.

21. Do you want people to say "for gods sake get off me you're crushing me!!!" or "you are sooo light" ???

22. Underweight aka perfect body.

23. Ballerina? or beanbag?

24. I want to be light enough so a helium balloon could lift me and carry me to the clouds.

25. I want to walk in the snow and leave no footprints.

26. Starve off the parts you don't need. They're ugly and they drag you down.

27. Nothing cant be fixed with hunger and weight loss.

28. Saying "no thanks" to food is saying "yes please" to THIN!!!

29. Fat people are so huge, yet people look away from them as if they don't exist.

30. The only time people do notice a fat person is when they get in the way of that beautiful thin girl walking by (ok that sounds really horrible i know.)

31. Have you ever seen a person NOT notice a walking skeleton.

32. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

33. Is food more important that happiness in life? I think not!

34. Eating is conforming to everyone else's expectations.

35. When you start to get dizzy and weak you're almost there.

36. Hunger is your friend and it won't betray you like food.

37. Food is mean and sneaky. It tricks you into eating it and it works on you from the inside out making you fat, bloated, ugly and unhappy.

38. Think of anorexia as your secret weapon.

39. If you can name one reason to be fat, I'll name a million and one to be thin.

40. Thin people look good in ANY kind of clothes.

41. Food rots your teeth.

42. Puffy cheeks, double chins and thick ankles-- aren't attractive.

43. Fatty areas stretch and sag as you get older.

44. Ever seen the arms of a fat person wave hello or goodbye?

45. Eating little to nothing saves you money!

46. The average (middle class) American wastes OVER $8,000 a year on FOOD ALONE...it goes in one end and out the other. That sure is a lot of fat! No wonder so many Americans are obese and overweight!

47. Fat people make their country look bad.

48. Big people sweat more and they smell bad.

49. Fat people die earlier.

50. You'll be the envy of all the other girls.

51. All of the guys will want you.

52. You're less likely to get food poisoning.

53. You won't be exposed to all the chemicals and pesticides they put in food today.

54. You won't get sweaty on hot days.

55. The word fat will only apply to you in a sarcastic way.

56. No one wants to see a fat person dance.

57. Beauty Queen? or Dairy Queen? 
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Just tossing in a word here. [Mar. 25th, 2008|09:37 am]
Utah Anorexics

Now that the weather is getting better and there is barely any snow but piles here and there, any one else feel the overwhelming need to work out more? I love Utah springs, they are the greatest.

My birthday is next week exactly and I was hoping to be 15 pounds skinnier, but I've hit a plateau. However, I am still excited to be 21.

Anyway, I am really just posting to inspire others to post more. This is getting to be a fairly silent community.
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back in Utah [Jan. 7th, 2008|02:05 pm]
Utah Anorexics

I just got back from washington, and since I work on campus, here I am. All the girls here are so triggering, anyone else think so?
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(no subject) [Dec. 7th, 2007|11:55 am]
Utah Anorexics

Hey guys.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm the same person as clavicules, I just got inspired and got a new username. 

Hope you're well = ]

Is anyone else going somewhere for the holiday break?  I'm going back to Texas for two weeks.

And I don't know how I feel about it yet - it's always hard to go "home".
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Hey [Dec. 2nd, 2007|02:41 pm]
Utah Anorexics

I am hanging out here in Ogden. I go to Weber State University as a music preformance major.. I guess I just wondered where everyone was from in this community. I also wondered if living in Utah made your struggles with ed bigger, smaller or more difficult. 
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